About RER Group

Our professional ground maintenance team will maintain your grounds at a high standard because we believe first impressions are the most important to every visitor that comes on your grounds.

Whilst we are keeping the grounds at a high standard, we are also maintain the same standard in our cleaning and caretaking services. By providing these services we are helping generate an uplifting feeling in your visitors and in the people that work for your company.

Some businesses still have their own in-house maintenance team, they do not see the practical benefits of using an external contractor. If they did, it would be a modern and highly cost-effective strategy. When that contractor has RER Group’s proven track record and is committed to a Total Quality Management approach, the result is an effective, professional and dedicated service from a single source.

The RER GROUP oversee all your cleaning, caretaking and ground maintenance needs at a good high quality standard. The company take care maintaining all open spaces, including big complexes, council housing, parks, recreation grounds, cemeteries, roadside verges and much more. If you would like a quote or speak to a member of our team about our services, please give us a call. 07881 614398 or email info@rer-group.co.uk